Application ported to Swift

The Coord app and its underlying code libraries have been ported to Apple's programming language Swift. Previously the code was in the closely related language Objective-C. which is in turn closely related to Smalltalk.

Objective-C was the programming language used on the NeXT Computer, which is what originally lured me into software development for purposes of making algorithmic music. Smalltalk (VisualWorks, Squeak) has been the dev platform at several of my jobs. Swift (along with some Objective-C) is what I use at my current position in Zurich. Coord was prototyped in Smalltalk before its initial implementation in Objective-C.

Quite a bit of refactoring and redesign happened along with the port, and I expect this will shorten the time and effort required to do a number of related proof-of-concept apps:

  1. Desktop music composition (DAW companion app)
  2. Location-based playback app that uses the adaptive music created by the desktop app
  3. Re-development of Chromat, a color-based music authoring app for iPhone
  4. Multi-user apps where collective actions drive generative music output

(I'm often asked if/when there will be a Windows version of Coord. Because Swift/Obj-C is the most productive platform for me, I'm locked into the Mac and iPhone as deployment platforms. Until/unless there is interest enough to move beyond proof-of-concept demos, it's unlikely I can allocate time for a Java or C++ port. If a partnership ever arises that brings additional dev resources, the code is already structured in such a way that a Windows port should be very straightforward.)